August 9th-15th Family Bible Week Events

Tuesday Bay Beach Family Event

Meet in the parking lot of POSC to carpool to Bay Beach. Please bring along a sack lunch or money to purchase food from their food stand and money for rides. Plan is to return home by 3pm. There will be no van service provided due to social distancing.

Reservations Left: 180

Tuesday Family & Friends Devotion

Small group family devotion night. Families that sign up will be placed into host family homes and notified of where they will be attending by mail!

Reservations Left: 136

Wednesday Family Bible Night

Come for an action packed night of family activities at POSC!

Reservations Left: 124

Thursday Food, Fellowship and Fun Night

Food and fun at the Putnam Home. Activities for all ages!

Reservations Left: 136

Friday Family Scavenger Hunt & Pizza Night

Meet at POSC for a scavenger hunt followed by pizza!

Reservations Left: 143

Saturday Brunch and Slideshow

Brunch and slideshow of the week held in the fellowship hall at POSC.

Reservations Left: 149